Law. Wise. Trust.

Ene & Partners is a team of lawyers, experts in the legal, economic and communication fields, with a 20 year old history of continuity and success on the hole teritory of Romania and also inThe Republic of Moldavia.

We build the relationships with our partners with humanity, empathy, trust and belief in the high quality of the services provided, the angular values of the company and of our actions being set upon: character, stability and impeccable professionalism.

We are focused on team actions, on the complementarity of our collaborators’ expertise, which are all leaders in their fields of activity.

Self-sufficiency and infatuation are the so called professional sins which we do not tolerate and every member of our team has the perpetual and strong belief that a good lawyer is one who is always learning, always in the news, never retrogressive, always empathic, oriented towards success and complete and complex information.